RUIC a recognizable brand of band saw blade from China.We manufacture bandsaw blade with different tooth shapes from the width of 27mm to 80mm,product range consist of four series M42 , M51 ,Carbide Tipped ,which cover different levels to provide optimal cutting solutions for various customer’s need . Product specifications as follow

RUIC M42 Bimetal band saw blade

The best selling blades with high cost effective.Provide a variety choices of tooth forms for all-purpose cutting.

M42 high speed steel for tooth edges,X32 alloy steel for backer.
High performance price ratio and use reliability
Highly efficient for various cutting purpose
Suitable for general purpose cutting and production cutting.

Application: Structure steel,mild and low Carbon steel,tool and die steel


RUIC HSS M51 bimetal band saw blade

Unique advantage for cutting hard materials.Increased tooth hardness and excellent toughness,applicable for hard-to-cut materials. Benefit from its high quality raw material used, it features superior fatigue resistance and more durable.

High cutting accuracy of excellent surface quality
Strong continuous cutting capacity and productivity
Fabulous fatigue resistance,Longer service life

Special alloys,Hardened steel,stainless steel,High temperature alloy
Die steel,tool steel.
Particularly for cutting hard metal materials

RUIC HH Carbide Tipped bandsaw blade

Carbide tipped bandsaw blades with Setting tooth,alloy steel backer,high-precision tooth grinding process.Special designed tooth combition.

For cutting intractable materials.
High Temperature Alloy,heat resistant steels,Ti/Titanium alloys


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